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Food Bloggers Come To Chicago

Katie and I had the great pleasure of meeting nearly 30 food bloggers from around the country on Friday.  They were in town for the BlogHer conference taking place at Navy Pier, and were nice enough to invite us to … Continue reading

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RA Sushi Bar Restaurant – Lombard, IL

We’re pretty understanding when it comes to visiting a new restaurant in their opening weeks. Kinks need to be worked out. Dishes need to be finalized. We get that. But this past weekend, we had what is now officially the … Continue reading

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She knows what sells

No one can say Giada doesn’t know what makes her so popular.  And Esquire is surely taking advantage.

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Potato Bread, Day One

Unlike the pretzel bread, where I had a specific taste I was going for, the potato bread is more a mystery to me.  All I know is that I love using potato bread for sandwiches, and I can pretend it’s … Continue reading

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Cheetos Crusted Potato Chips

This isn’t healthy. There’s no way around that fact. These are in fact the result of boredom gone untethered. This is what happens when a bored guy asks the question, “What would a potato chip covered in Cheetos taste like?” … Continue reading

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Pitchfork Music Festival in Food

I didn’t get a chance to take photos of all the food, but I did get the important stuff, namely a closeup of the ćevapčići.   What is ćevapčići?  According to Wikipedia… Ćevapi or ćevapčići (diminutive) is a dish of grilled … Continue reading

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Signature Pretzel Bread

As promised, here is my recipe for the finished pretzel bread.  It’s seriously quite popular in my office, and that means I did something right. Mike’s Signature Pretzel Bread – makes 2 small loaves 2 ¼ tsp yeast 1 cup … Continue reading

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Pretzel Bread, Finally

After a week of recipe tinkering, and a grand total of 17 loaves of bread, I seem to have found the recipe that I was looking for when it comes to Pretzel Bread.  The secret?  Dark brown sugar and plenty … Continue reading

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Thank You, Come Again

In case some of you haven’t heard, there’s a small indie film coming out at the end of the month called The Simpsons Movie.  I don’t know if it has much of a fan base or not.  But, who’s to … Continue reading

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Working Towards A Dream – Part 1

I’m on vacation this week, which means I’m finally able to start working towards my goal of getting good enough at baking that I could one day make baking and pastry a viable career. I’m starting easy, or easier than … Continue reading

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