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Eating San Francisco

Proving that there’s nothing more fun than being ever-so-slightly OCD in my vacation planning, I sat down a couple weeks ago with Katie and we planned out all of our meals for the upcoming trip to the west coast. What … Continue reading

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Pizza Culpa

A while back I wrote up the various pizzas in my area. Pizza is a subjective thing. Where some people love one company’s sauce, others can’t find a good thing to say about it. Katie and I seldom agree on … Continue reading

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Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos

Holy sweet hell.  Human evolution and the science of man have finally created the perfect snack food.  All other companies can stop.  There is no need to continue.  When we die, we will be greeted in whatever afterlife you believe … Continue reading

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Black Bean Burgers

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, what with the writing and the blogging. The last couple of weeks have been at times hectic, stressful, and sad. Last Friday one of my coworkers passed away unexpectedly, and while I didn’t … Continue reading

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Reader E-mail

I love hate mail. I also love responding to hate mail. So, you’ll have to forgive this rather indulgent post, but I thought I needed to respond to such a well written argument against why I shouldn’t be writing about … Continue reading

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Chicago Foodies Be Ready!

Coming this fall to WTTW: Foods of Chicago: A Delicious History You are what you eat goes the old saying. So what can we learn about Chicagoans from the food on our plates? WTTW 11′s Geoffrey Baer plays both taste-tester … Continue reading

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Coming at you, Bay Area!

It’s finally been finalized.  Katie and I are indeed going out to San Francisco for four days at the end of September.  Between incredible sales prices, and a little bit of musical serendipity, we’ll be seeing the coast on September … Continue reading

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Two Favorites That Go Better Together?

I’m still working my way through Harry Potter.  Yes, I’m a slow reader.  It doesn’t help the fact that I also recently purchased a XBOX 360, and now I’m obsessed with earning as many achievement points as possible on the … Continue reading

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