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Not only was work crazy hectic this week, but I ended up severely spraining my ankle on the Chicago ice last weekend.  All this excitement is keeping me from getting much done in the more fun world I like to … Continue reading

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Double Cheese Cheetos

Dear Double Cheese Cheetos, You had me at Double Cheese.  The Limited Edition tag was just a little extra marketing to convince I needed to buy you.  Who wouldn’t want double the mysterious cheese flavor you provide?  Who wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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Jose Andres on Conan O’Brien

It’s baaaaaaaack. I’ve embedded the video of the segment below. Jose Andres, another student of Ferran Adria, appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien Tuesday evening. Not only do they make a “Heart in the Clouds” drink, a.k.a. The Conando, … Continue reading

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Macarena Tapas – Naperville, IL

Holy hot damn, is Macarenas Tapas in Naperville good. Not just good for Naperville good, but possibly the best tapas I’ve eaten in the Chicago-land area good. It’s even more surprising when you realize that it’s stuck in a strip … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl Makes Me Eat Chicken Salad

Whoah baby.  How about that super bowl?  What with the end zones, and the kicking, and the…who was in it again? I saw all of 5 minutes of Super Bowl 319 (or whatever), but that doesn’t mean my life wasn’t … Continue reading

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